4 Essential Tips I Learned from This Ebook to Motivate My Son

"While scrolling through Facebook one afternoon, I came across an article about rewarding children responsibly. I took interest because we were about to start potty training our 2 year old son.

After reading the information, included in the article, I also downloaded Leading Turtle's free ebook about helping kids stay motivated when working toward a goal. I was hopeful that the tips included in the ebook would jump-start our potty training journey! Upon downloading the ebook I was pleasantly surprised to see that it wasn't too long and was easy to read. Better yet the tips seemed like something I could easily work into our every day routine.

Shortly after reading through the information, we began working toward our potty training goal. After a few short months, our son had reached his goal. Our friends and extended family couldn't believe it!

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4 Tips For Motivation

If you are interested in getting access to these tips you can download the ebook here but I wanted to share a few of the tips that I learned with you because I want you to know how valuable the ebook is! First, I realized that my son needed to understand the goal. Once he was able to understand that he could wear big boy underwear and be just like dad, he was more excited about using the potty.

Second, the ebook helped me to understand that potty training or achieving any goal is a process. I took responsibility for teaching him each of the skills he had to learn along the way. For example, he had to learn to sense the urge to go to the bathroom before he learned how to verbalize that he had to go.

Third, I began to realize that it was my job, as the parent, to keep him on the path to success. It would have been easy for me to use diapers on the busy days when I was seeking convenience but my son needed consistency and practice to achieve the goal. With practice and persistence he continued to make progress, which helped everyone in our household stay motivated!

Finally, the ebook helped me to understand that rewards need to be meaningful. Sometimes the rewards were a simple high-five or piece of candy. When we met mini goals we celebrated with an exciting bug hunt or went out for ice cream. Ultimately, we learned to experiment and used different rewards based on whether he was having a good day or feeling more resistant.


My heart was filled with joy watching my son light up with excitement when he felt genuine success. With the help of the Leading Turtle Ebook, Why Kids Need Support Getting & Staying Motivated to Achieve Goals he was able to achieve the goal in just a few short months, which is pretty awesome! These tips could apply to any skill that your child needs to learn to be successful in his or her daily life. What goal does your child need to start working towards today?

About The Author

Emmy Kissinger is a school psychologist, spirited wife, and millennial mama. Outside of her professional and domestic responsibilities she uses every spare second to write on her blog Bright little Mama.

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4 Essential Tips I Learned from This Ebook to Motivate My Son

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My heart was filled with joy watching my son light up with excitement when he felt genuine success....


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